Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter Fun Tutorial

This is what we will be making!
Winter Fun Tutorial

This tut was written by Amy in Paint Shop Pro 7 on November 7, 2008. Any similarity to another tut is purely a coincidence.

I used the fantastic artwork of Suzanne Woolcott in this tut. You can purchase her tubes HERE.

Supplies, Paintshop pro 7 but will probably work in any version of paint shop pro. Winter fun scrapkit HERE. Mask Here. I don't know who made the mask. If you did please let me know so I can credit you for it or remove it, whichever you wish. Thank you!Window made by me. you can download Here.

Open a new image in Paint shop pro. Flood fill it white. Add Any of the papers supplied in the winter fun kit as a new layer. Add the mask.Merge all. Open new image in Paint shop pro. Flood fill white. Copy and paste the merged mask image to it as new layer. Go to Filters Unlimited 2. Click on the Edges Square in navigation. I chose the last option. You can choose which ever one you like. Use the deformation tool to resize this layer.

Open the Window made by me. Copy and paste as a new layer onto the background as I did in my tag. Using the Selection tool trace the outside of the window frame. Go to layers and click on the layer beneath the window. It should be layer 2. Flood fill wite or whatever colour you would like your scenery to be. Open the winter fun scrapkit I supplied and add your back ground by using the deformation tool to resize as needed. I used the igloo, the moose and the bird. You can use whatever you like for your back ground.Go to selections and click on Select NONE.

Go back to the top layer. You should now have the scenery in your window.
Copy and paste the cup and use the deformation tool to resize it to fit in the window frame. Add the tree and use the deformation tool to get it the size you would like it to be. You can add dropshadows to all of none of the peices if you like. I added to most of them.
I used the gingerbread man, a snowflake and the candy to decorate the tree. You can use whatever you like to decorate yours resizing as you go. If you resize can then copy and paste as a new layer it is easier than resizing each layer. You can use the deformation tool to turn the peices so they don't look the same.

I added a bow, the heart ribbons with snowflakes dangling from them (I cut off the pointy part of the upper part of the heart by using the selection tool or you can erase if you like.)And the snow globe, I did add a drop shadow to this. I added the sled and then I chose two tubes to complete my tag. Add the copyright and you are done.

*In case you have two tubes facing the same direction and want them to face each other as I did..all you have to do is add new raster layer, add your tube, then go to image Mirror to change the direction. You can use the mover tool to move it where ever you like. I hope you enjoyed my easy peasy tut and thank you for trying it.

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